Selling On LaceWRLD


All payments are processed through Stripe. You'll be guided through the simple verification process by setting up your Payout Methods. After a sale is made, funds are held until 4 days after the buyer's refund window has passed. Payment will be processed to your account minus LaceWRLD fee of 15% of purchase price.


Buyers pay for the shipping on LaceWRLD. Please make sure to factor that into your listing price. Shipping rates change from time to time. Right now are rates are as follows:

Shipping within the United States: $8.42 2 day Delivery

Shipping From US to International destinations: Varies

Shipping From International destinations to the US: Varies

Shipping From International destinations to International : Varies

When orders are received, place shipping labels on a Poly Mailer package (either small limit 1lbs , medium limit 2 lbs, or large limit 3 lbs). Seller has to ship out items within 2 days of getting an order. Sellers are required to wash any used wigs before shipping.

Washing and Cleaning Requirements

Used wigs that are sold on our platform are required to be washed and treated before selling to a buyer. This is your community, take care of it.

*We are not responsible for cleanliness of wigs sold.