The largest community of wig enthusiasts buying, selling, and connecting around hair. Our mission is to put our community at the heart of ecommerce, empowering everyone to thrive.


LaceWRLD was founded by a diverse women led team, dedicated to transforming hair commerce. By combining community and technology, we empower small business owners while simultaneously reducing waste in the hair industry.

Our community has created an ecosystem where individuals and business owners can amplify their love of wigs. This ecosystem has supported LaceWRLD becoming a global conduit of connection, not only in hair commerce, but culture, wig design, and wig creator communities around the world.

Investing in our community

Our community means everything to us. As a company we are dedicated to donating at least 1% of our profits to causes and organizations that support women of color.


LaceWRLD is powered by a dedicated team of women working in our headquarters in Los Angeles. We practice what we preach and are active participants in independent creative entrepreneurship. We’re a company of hair stylists, wig creators, globetrotters, writers and activists, joined together by passion for our wigs and obsession with community.

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